Stock take procedure

Scanning the books using RFID pad:

Get the kiosk on the trolley and make sure the RFID pad is connected. Make sure a USB is plugged into the kiosk.

Turn on the kiosk, and then start the circulation assistant module.

When this is running, in the bottom right hand corner, right click the circulation assistant icon and untick the ‘LMS focussed’ option.

Open a notepad document and save it to the USB with an appropriate name to reflect which books you are doing the stocktake for.

You are now ready to start scanning the items. Make a note of the start call number. Do three at a time and watch that three barcodes are inputted into the text file.

When you’re finished scanning, make a note of the call number of the last book scanned. The call numbers you have noted will be the range for the stocktake. Save the .txt file with all the barcodes to the USB.
Batch returning the items scanned:

In Aurora Desktop go to Circulation > Return and click the options check box.

Select Batch Returns and then for the “Barcode Input File’ navigate to the USB and the file that you previously saved.

Hit the green button and the items will start being returned. Keep an eye out for any items still on someone’s card / still in progress / not recognised etc. The system will prompt you to continue if it comes across an item that isn’t in the system. (Note – I’m not sure if this returns process can be logged / exported – if not I will log a sysaid request to see if it’s possible, as this is useful information to have).

Once everything has been returned….

Now the stocktake procedure:

This has been saved as a PDF, should be pretty self-explanatory.

Download (PDF, 1.57MB)