Borrowing from Northern Beaches Branches

The inter-branch loans system is up and running. A huge thanks to all for helping implement this new system and for providing feedback. Below are some questions that have been raised by customers and staff regarding the new system. Please keep those questions coming!

Can I use Shorelink if I am not a Manly member?

No. Shorelink can only be accessed by Manly cardholders/ members and Shorelink items can only be accessed and issued from Manly. Any customer can join Manly library.

Can I put an item on hold from another LMS if the queue in my LMS has a long waiting list but the other LMS has short waiting list?

Yes. Hold can be done on any LMS regardless of queue length

Can I ring over the phone and request an item to be transferred to be picked up?

Yes, but please transfer the customer to the library branch they want to pick it up from and process the item from there. This is because there can be a lot of confusion or user details being lost.

Can I access Book club kits from any LMS?

No. At this time there are three different book club systems with three different membership charges and conditions. Until this is streamlined customers can only access the book club kits in the library system they belong to. They are welcome to join all three library systems and access all three book clubs but they will have to sign up with each service.