Opening Monitor Kiosk – Level 1

Opening the Monitor Kiosk – Keys are in the Safe

If you need to unlock/open the Monitor kiosk on level one then follow these instructions:

  • double tap the top right corner
  • double tap the top left corner
  • double tap the red symbol
  • Enter code 300570

Once you get to the desktop screen this means you have disarmed the alarm as this needs to be done before opening the door with the key.

The monitor kiosk keys are kept in the safe on the ground floor.

Coin Jams – How to Fix

If the coins are jammed in the coin slot of the monitor machine then try this after opening the door:

  • Gently unplug the small white cable on the top of the coin slot
  • On the left side of the coin slot there’s a small black triangular tab that you pull away from the coin slow
  • While pulling this tab you gently pull the coin slot away from the door (may need to lift a plastic arm/tab on the top to help)
  • There’s a black lead underneath the coin slot that you remove then you will have suitable access to remove the coins